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Cele read us a story when we was sick with the scarlet fever about a man whitch had a black cat and he got mad with her and cut out one eye. then he got mad with his wife and cut her throte and stuck her up in the chimny in the celler and pluged up the hole. bimeby the polisemen come to find out where his wife was and they hunted evry where in the house and stable and hen koop and evrywhere and bimeby they wanted to go into his celler. so the man he said all rite fellers come rite down and so the polisemen went down celler with him and he showed them all over the celler and they looked evrywhere and coodent find ennything and jest as they was going out they herd a feerful yowl and they stoped and lissened and it kept on yowling in the chimny and when they took a pickax and wanted to dig a hole in the chimny the man whitch killed his wife said they wasent ennything in the chimny for it hadent been opened for 1 hundred years, but they cut open the chimny and what do you gess they found. well they found his wife with her throte cut and a old black cat with 1 eye out setting on her showlder yowling. so they grabed the man and punched time out of him and they hung him to a lampost. well when Cele read that story to us we all was wirse for 3 days and Annie never got over it and when i hear a cat yowl i think of what the polisemen found in the chimny. so when i herd the cat yowling i told Beany that story and Beany he dident want to go of of my steps enny more. bimeby the town clock struck 12 oh clock and so it was morning and so we tost up to see whether Beany shood wait til i got in my house or i shood go over to Beanys to wait til Beany got into his house ferst. i lost jest as i always do and so i had to go over to Beanys and he tride the door and it was unlocked and so Beany he went in and i hipered acrost the road as quick as i cood and went in the back way. i wasent afrade only i wasent going to have Beany beat me in geting into bed. i went up stairs as esy as i cood but when i went by mothers room she said is that you Harry and i said yes and she said are you going out agen and i said no it is morning now and i am going to bed and she laffed and said good mornin. then i piled into bed and dident wake up til 10 oh clock.