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Archduke Cardinal Albert appointed governor of the Netherlands Return of Philip William from captivity His adherence to the King of Spain Notice of the Marquis of Varambon, Count Varax, and other new officers Henry's communications with Queen Elizabeth Madame de Monceaux Conversation of Henry with the English ambassador Marseilles secured by the Duke of Guise The fort of Rysbank taken by De Roane Calais in the hands of the Spanish Assistance from England solicited by Henry Unhandsome conditions proposed by Elizabeth Annexation of Calais to the obedient provinces Pirates of Dunkirk Uneasiness of the Netherlanders with regard to the designs of Elizabeth Her protestations of sincerity Expedition of Dutch and English forces to Spain Attack on the Spanish war-ships Victory of the allies Flag of the Republic planted on the fortress of Cadiz Capitulation of the city Letter of Elizabeth to the Dutch Admirals State of affairs in France Proposition of the Duke of Montpensier for the division of the kingdom Successes of the Cardinal Archduke in Normandy He proceeds to Flanders Siege and capture of Hulat Projected alliance against Spain Interview of De Sancy with Lord Burghley Diplomatic conference at Greenwich Formation of a league against Spain Duplicity of the treaty Affairs in Germany Battle between the Emperor and the Grand Turk Endeavours of Philip to counteract the influence of the league His interference in the affairs of Germany Secret intrigue of Henry with Spain Philip's second attempt at the conquest of England.